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Why is Industrial Refrigeration System Maintenance Important?

Industrial refrigeration systems are complex and critical systems used to preserve food, chemicals, and other perishable items. These systems rely on the proper functioning of a number of components and mechanisms, which must work together to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels. The system’s performance can degrade over time. As a system degrades the […]

When Should You Replace an Old HVAC System?

HVAC Systems in Commercial or Industrial Buildings As a commercial or industrial building owner or manager, you are responsible to keep your HVAC system in good condition. It can be challenging to know when it’s time to replace an old, inefficient HVAC system. However, continuing to operate an outdated HVAC system can lead to numerous […]

Reliable Contractor for HVAC and Refrigeration Maintenance

When it comes to commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration maintenance, it’s essential to hire a competent and experienced contractor. Midwest Mechanical Services & Solutions in St. Louis, Missouri stands out as the best. What makes us a great contractor to hire for your commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration maintenance needs? We are known […]

Planned Maintenance – We Plan for Your Success

Are you a business owner who wants to get the most out of your budget? Do you care about your business efficiency and customer satisfaction? How well do you know your HVAC and refrigeration equipment in your commercial or industrial facility? Do you know the working conditions, replacement timelines, and repair expectations for each piece […]

Winter, Ice, and Your Facility

What can you do to keep your facility running efficiently and effectively throughout the winter? Your planning should start with keeping your HVAC system running at all times in order to protect your whole facility. Midwestern winters can be cold and unpredictable. When temperatures drop suddenly, unexpected damage often happens. For any large facility, damage […]

An Unforgettable St. Louis HVAC Technician Career

In 1993, an unforgettable journey started for Neal Woodard and St. Louis-based Midwest Mechanical Services & Solutions. That year he began his commercial HVAC technician and refrigeration service career with us. Now, after 27 years of impeccable work, he has clocked out for the last time and gone into retirement, leaving us inspired by his […]

Increase Productivity at Work in Commercial Facilities with Comfortable Indoor Climates

As a business leader, undoubtedly, you are tasked with finding how to increase productivity. As you search for ways to do this, have you considered evaluating the efficiency of your facility’s HVAC system and the quality of the indoor air? Studies show air temperature and the environmental comfort of an industrial facility, office building, warehouse, […]