HVAC and Refrigeration Maintenance Saves Money for Your Business

Do you want to save your business money? Want to avoid unexpected repair costs? One of the easiest ways to prevent unwanted costs is simple – plan ahead with maintenance on your HVAC System. Regular maintenance on your HVAC system can help you avoid unwanted costs when it’s time to repair or replace your units.

HVAC Systems are a Forgotten Until They Break

Your business’s HVAC System is the silent friend you forget you have. Often the system is on the roof or somewhere else hidden in your building. It’s busy keeping you and your staff comfortable and working efficiently. It’s a perfect friend until it breaks. And then there is a crisis. Most business owners forget to service their HVAC System until it’s too late. What are the costs of waiting?

What Does it Cost to Replace an HVAC System?

According to Midwest Mechanical Services & Solutions President Rob Brouillet, HVAC Systems are typically rated in tons. The cost per ton averages between $2,300 – $6,500 per ton for replacement equipment.

  • Additional variables can influence the cost per ton including:
  • Electrical service for the new equipment
  • Piping changes
  • Duct modifications
  • Controls and add on options
  • Curb adapter modifications
  • Hoisting requirements
  • Operating Efficiency
  • Supply chain issues
  • Scheduling requirements

This is a surprise expense that most businesses will not want to take on. But there are other costs, beyond just the replacement cost, when an HVAC System goes down. These costs add up quickly.

What is the Cost When My HVAC System Fails?

A responsible business owner will consider many unexpected hidden costs when an HVAC System fails. The first costs relate to your employees and your ability to keep staff on hand. In today’s challenging employment market, this can be a major unexpected cost. When an HVAC system goes down, all of your employees and your business are at risk. What happens to employees when an HVAC system fails?

  • Loss of productivity for employees
  • Employee discomfort resulting in dissatisfaction
  • Poor air quality can result in illness
  • Facility downtime makes employees unable to work

How Will Supply Chain Problems Affect my HVAC Maintenance Costs?

Employee problems are just part of the added cost of not maintaining your HVAC Systems or Refrigeration Systems. In 2022 and 2023, businesses continue to have significant problems with supply chains, affecting the speed of repairing a broken or malfunctioning HVAC System. With regular maintenance, both you and Midwest Mechanical can plan for parts that may need to be replaced. Without regular maintenance, when a problem happens, it could take weeks to get the needed parts replaced. This creates additional downtime for the facility. That costs you money.

Longer Lifespan for your HVAC System Saves Money

Want to save money on your HVAC System? Regular maintenance can lengthen the lifespan of your system. Dirty coils or filtration systems can cause your system to have a shortened lifespan, resulting in replacing the system earlier. Want to avoid that? The answer is simple. Regular maintenance means that Midwest Mechanical finds problems early. Our expert technicians can replace a part early so that your system lasts longer. Every additional year that your system is functioning is a year you can avoid replacement costs on the entire system.

Reduce Utility Costs with HVAC Maintenance

Utility expenses are often a significant budget concern for businesses. When your HVAC System is not functioning efficiently, it requires more power to function. This can result in increased energy use and increased utility costs. Want to save money on utilities for your business? Invested in Planned Maintenance with Midwest Mechanical.

Regular maintenance on your system can help you avoid the following expensive problems and additional costs:

  • Employee dissatisfaction
  • Shorter lifespan of your HVAC System or Refrigeration System
  • Supply chain delays
  • Increased power usage

Want to avoid unwanted costs? Contact Midwest Mechanical today for all your HVAC and Refrigeration Maintenance needs.