Planned Maintenance – We Plan for Your Success

Are you a business owner who wants to get the most out of your budget? Do you care about your business efficiency and customer satisfaction?

How well do you know your HVAC and refrigeration equipment in your commercial or industrial facility? Do you know the working conditions, replacement timelines, and repair expectations for each piece of equipment? What if you had regular inspections to keep these in working order and your budget under control?

Most people don’t worry about their HVAC and refrigeration equipment until there is a crisis. And a crisis means time and money lost. HVAC Planned Maintenance is a “lifesaver,” especially in extreme climates, such as the Midwest winter.

Midwest Mechanical Services & Solutions wants you to avoid a crisis. When you have an emergency, we do our best to acquire the parts and schedule your service quickly to restore your building to desired working conditions. However, things are even better when our regular inspections help you to plan in advance. We can provide you with regular maintenance to help you plan for the future needs of your facilities. Let us help you avoid emergencies and improve uptime associated with critical building equipment.

Why do I need Planned Maintenance?

If you don’t have a plan to keep your HVAC and refrigeration equipment in the best condition, it’s time to contact Midwest Mechanical Services & Solutions to set up Planned Maintenance services. Why might you need Planned Maintenance? If any of these describe you, your business needs Planned Maintenance.

  • You want to manage your maintenance budget
  • You want to avoid outages that damage your employees and business efficiency
  • You know that your equipment is aging and needs regular maintenance
  • You are in the process of buying a new business and need to set up a new plan
  • You want to avoid inventory loss from a refrigeration outage
  • You want to improve employee efficiency by maintaining a reliable HVAC system

Our team of expert technicians at Midwest Mechanical provide inspections and service for all kinds of commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems. Our regular inspections of your systems help you plan and keep your business operating at its best.

How Can Planned Maintenance Help?

You want to avoid downtime. We do too.. Let us do your planned maintenance so you can focus on running your business. Regular maintenance on your equipment will result in the following benefits:

  • Reduce HVAC and refrigeration systems repair costs
  • Manage energy costs
  • Maximize the functional life of equipment (avoid premature replacement costs)
  • Prevent facility disruptions due to unexpected equipment emergencies
  • Plan and budget for repairs and replacements in advance

Facility engineers, business owners, and property managers work together. HVAC and refrigeration systems also need planned, proactive maintenance to run efficiently. Regular maintenance can help you maximize the life of each system and maintain or even expand employee productivity..

Contact Midwest Mechanical to set up Planned Maintenance today!

Winter, Ice, and Your Facility

What can you do to keep your facility running efficiently and effectively throughout the winter? Your planning should start with keeping your HVAC system running at all times in order to protect your whole facility.

Midwestern winters can be cold and unpredictable. When temperatures drop suddenly, unexpected damage often happens. For any large facility, damage can also be related to the fire prevention sprinkler system.

According to Chapter 9 of the International Building Code, any facility over 12,000 square feet is required to have an installed and functioning automatic fire sprinkler system. Facilities with these systems might include:

  • Warehouses
  • Production Facilities
  • Large office buildings
  • Fulfillment centers

During extreme winter temperatures, if your facility is not kept at an appropriate temperature, significant damage can occur to the system.

Frozen Sprinkler Systems

In the coldest months of winter, even an unoccupied facility must be kept at optimal temperatures to protect the sprinkler system and keep the facility secure. When temperatures drop suddenly in a building without a functioning HVAC system, water in pipes will freeze and expand. This can cause the seam in the pipes to split or cast iron fittings to break. The result is a cascade of icy water throughout the facility.

The aftermath of burst pipes involves a long series of water remediation plans. No facility owner wants to go through this process and expense. Not only is the facility damaged by water and ice, but owners are responsible for meeting codes related to mold regulations when water is found throughout the facility. The remediation and clean up from this event is time-consuming and extremely expensive.

Plan in Advance with your HVAC maintenance

Good maintenance begins with sound planning. The National Fire Protection Association provides tips for winterizing your fire sprinkler system and to avoid damage.

Your HVAC system is your first line of defense against winter damage to your sprinkler system. Even if your facility is vacant due to changing tenants, you must keep your HVAC system functioning at all times, especially during the winter months. Make sure to have Midwest Mechanical service your HVAC system regularly to keep it functioning properly.

If you are a building owner, it is your responsibility to provide an environment that keeps all systems functioning optimally at all times. During the winter, this includes keeping the facility at an optimal temperature.

How can we help? Midwest Mechanical provides services to help you be prepared for any winter issues in advance. We can install a control system in your facility. This web-based system will send an alarm when temperatures drop too low in your facility, so that you always know when there is risk. This is especially helpful in situations where a tenant may have vacated a facility and the building is at risk with changes in weather.

Contact us for your advance planning so that we can provide one of our useful services.

  • Preventative maintenance services for HVAC
  • Installation of web-based control systems
  • Inspection of existing HVAC systems
  • Installation of new systems for your facility

Don’t let the winter months catch you by surprise. Contact Midwest Mechanical today to help prevent any unexpected expense for your building.